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SME100 Nigeria is a leader in youth-driven entrepreneurship training. We find, prepare & connect young entrepreneurs with the resources, training and support they need to run a successful entrepreneurial Eco system.

We deliver training, develop tools and connect likeminded young people to accelerate their ability to make a change in their communities, enabling communities to reap the transformational benefits of entrepreneurial participation.

SME100Nigeria stimulates entrepreneurship among Young Africans. We support entrepreneurs with

Access to Finance
Access to Market
Mentorship Programs
Capacity development


Meet the Founder


Charles is passionate about helping people discover and pursue entrepreneurship. As a Media and Fashion entrepreneur, he is always curious and adventurous. Charles has spent much of his career focused on how to create social change and make a difference in the world. Whether it’s developing a new approach to online education, understanding the science of competency-based learning, creating new tools and resources, or helping build a business. He has strong capabilities in formulating corporate and marketing strategies as well as providing solutions using technology and innovation.

Prior to founding SME100Nigeria. Charles spent five years working as a media consultant to the Delta and Imo State governments in Nigeria. During that time, he served as a media consultant to the Internal Revenue Boards in both states. He also worked as a business development consultant for Rocket Internet and a management consultant for RED Media Africa.

Through his experience in government as a consultant, he saw how interconnected the different systems of social policy, the economy and education really are – and the overarching role that the economy plays in shaping the quality of our lives. He saw that a new approach to business, and a new kind of business leaders were needed if things were ever going to really change in Nigeria. Through SME100Nigeria, he hopes to help discover young entrepreneurs and help to unleash a new generation of business leaders into the world.

Charles has a BSc in Management and Information Systems from Covenant University, an MSc in Media and Communication from the Pan Atlantic University and is currently a PhD student at the School of Media and Communication in Nigeria.

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Conversations with SME100Nigeria put springs in my steps and helped me to feel more confident in pursuing entrepreneurship. SME100Nigeria has incredibly wise mentors that can connect to mentees in an authentic way while helping you build a successful entrepreneurial Eco-system. Their narrative around entrepreneurship is unlike anyone else‘s. it looks so cool to be an entrepreneur. The SME100Nigeria team brings that–“you can have real talks with them and eat candy while learning how to make an impact in Business .

Olori Ajayi CEO Fashion on Wheels

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