Bringing-up Resilient Young Nigerian Entrepreneurs Foundation

Capacity Development Training for young Entrepreneurs in Nigeria – 2022

BRYNE Capacity Development Program

Building Resilient Young Entrepreneur Program is designed to prepare both leaders and entrepreneurs with a foundation in business sustainability best practices.

We initially created the Building Resilient Young Entrepreneur Program in direct response to the high rate of unemployment and under employment that have hindered the capacity of young people to do and earn more in a continent like Africa. Due to the great success of the program serving thousands of entrepreneurs, we are continuing to offer it across Africa to curb the problem of high unemployment . This is part of our commitment to building resilient entrepreneurship around the world.

Participants will experience learning through case studies and simulations, book reviews, lectures, role-plays, videos, group exercises and discussions, individual and group presentations including input and experiences of classmates. An individual development plan will be completed before the end of the training program Participants would also receive certification at the end of the training program.

Bryne Foundation
Bryne Foundation

Why it matters

For young people to have meaningful work, they need education, skills, and opportunity. This means that entrepreneurship is critical to the employment of young people, because it is basic to the generation of new jobs. Meanwhile Finance experts predict about 80% of the highest employer of labor in Nigeria – SMEs, fail within the first five years of their existence…. To many of these entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship is new, they haven’t been taught global best practices about starting and running a business to be successful. Which is why we support them to be successful.